Ethical Issues

Dealing with CAN cases in a standardized format, registering cases & monitoring CAN indicators can face severe ethical challenges; thus, procedures & staff involved to implement them should be guided by a well-defined set of ethical standards. In particular, registering practices of actual or suspected CAN cases can trigger ethical concerns & dilemmas in terms of ethical soundness of proposed procedures, confidentiality & accessibility issues, issues of potential misuse of data, impact on professionals dealing with sensitive data etc. As a result, an ethics code should be strictly articulated to be followed. Therefore, CAN-MDS Toolkit & the Guide as well as Professionals-potential operators & users’ training module for CAN-MDS system will include specific sections dedicated to ethical issues related to the operation of such a system. Moreover, during training of trainers & national Core Groups of potential CAN-MDS Operators, one session is being exclusively dedicated to ethical issues